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"I never run away from challenges no matter how extremely difficult. Giving up is not in my DNA."


Some time ago, there was a child who was born and raised in Tondo, Manila.

Shrimps & Fishes

At a very young age, he was already helping his mother sell shrimp and fish in the Divisoria Market. With the burning desire for a better future and a strong determination to improve his family's living conditions, he worked hard in selling shrimps and fishes to be able to send himself to school.

University of the Philippines Diliman

With hard work and perseverance, he earned his undergraduate and master's degree in Business Administration and Accountancy at UP Diliman.

Sand & Gravel

With an initial capital of P10,000 in 1975, Villar purchased two reconditioned trucks and started his sand-and-gravel business in Las Piñas.

It is here while delivering construction materials to big developers that he came up with the idea of selling house and lot packages when the convention then was for homeowners to but lots and build on them.


Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. is one of the leading integrated property developers in the Philippines and the largest homebuilder in the country which operates through distinct business units. Brittany, Crown Asia, Vista Residences, Camella, Lumina are focused on residential property development while Vista Malls, which is also listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (“PSE”) is involved in commercial property development.

AllValue Logo

AllValue Holdings, Inc. is the Villar Group’s holding company for its investments in retail businesses which include AllHome, AllDay Supermarket, AllDay Convenience Store, Coffee Project, AllSports, AllToys, AllBank, Bake My Day, Finds Finds, Kinder City, and Wake Up Café to name a few.

Golden MV Logo v2

Golden MV Holdings, Inc. is the holding company of the two established real estate industry leaders, Golden Haven, the Philippines’ largest integrated deathcare developer and service provider, and Bria Homes, the fastest growing mass housing developer in the country.

Too Busy Living (Part 2)

As we confront our mortality, we naturally begin to ponder the legacy we will leave behind. What will I be remembered for? This is such an existential and serious question. And the answer I believe lies in the here and now: live your life.

Property Billionaire Manuel Villar Is On A Roll With New Casino And Media Ventures

Philippine real estate billionaire Manuel Villar quickly moved on after losing the 2010 presidential election, and now is No. 2 on the Philippines’ 50 Richest list, at $7.8 billion.

Manny Villar is On His Way to Building a Million Filipino Homes

I have always said I would like to be the man who has built the biggest number of houses for our people. I want to build a million homes. I’m already close to it. I’ve always believed in housing, shelter is very important.

The King of Our Home

Manuel B. Villar, Jr., the rags-to-riches billionaire, is many things to many people—a politician, one-time presidential aspirant, real estate and retail tycoon, kingmaker and so much more but to his three children—Vista Land president Manuel Paolo Villar, Public Works Secretary Mark Villar and Las Piñas Rep. Camille Villar, he is, more than anything else, the king of their home, the best father they could ever have.

Manny Villar: At Home in His Empire

Tycoon Manuel B. Villar, Jr. is undoubtedly one of the fathers of the Philippine property industry.

But he stands out because his is an empire he himself built from scratch or to put in more specifically, out of a single red truck for gravel and sand. Indeed, he didn’t have a head start because he was not a second generation builder.

The Vicon: Villar Group Convention

The first and the biggest of its kind, The Vicon gathers the country’s biggest real estate brands in one giant virtual property expo. Sign up now on this two-day event and fulfill your dream home and investment. Visit https://vportal.ph and register now!

How Manny Villar Started Vista Land 14 Years Ago

A life made beautiful has always been the goal for businessman Manny Villar. Manny couldn’t help but reminisce how Vista Land started. The real estate development firm has been building homes for 14 years now.

So far, the company has built over 400,000 houses across the country that began with Manny’s dream of “creating more and bigger opportunities of home ownership for the Filipino family.”

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