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Unity and Prosperity

What is at stake in the May 2022 elections? Why is it so important to vote according to our conscience and, more importantly, with the interest of the nation in mind? Who among the candidates will provide our country with the leadership necessary to navigate a world recovering from the pandemic and facing various geopolitical challenges? These are crucial questions for Filipino voters and there are just a little over a month to make a decision.


In the case of the Nacionalista Party, we have decided to fully support the candidacies of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. for President and Inday Sara Duterte for Vice President. It was a decision based on consultations with party officials and members and based solely on what we think would be good for the country.


Let me be clear — I believe that all the candidates running for President and Vice President have good intentions. I know most of them. I have worked with some of them and I can say with all honesty that they have the interest of the nation at heart. I do not doubt their intentions. And while I do have some political and policy differences with a number of them, I do believe that the more important task is to unite — whoever wins in May — after this divisive electoral campaign. That is our common goal as a people.


For the Nacionalista Party, of which I am President, we believe that Bongbong and Inday Sara’s vision of unity is crucial in binding our country together and inspiring our people as we rebuild not only from the pandemic but also from the political chasm that divides us.


Our party is in full agreement with their plans and program of government, especially with regard to reviving the economy by strengthening agriculture, tourism, and, more significantly, MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises). We also support their plans to modernize the Philippines’ infrastructure with the vision of making the country the next logistics hub in Asia.


I also know both of them personally and I sincerely believe that Bongbong and Sara have the qualifications and track record to lead the country in the next six years. Bongbong has had an exemplary career in public service as Governor and Congressman of Ilocos Norte, and as Senator. Inday Sara’s achievements as Davao City’s first female mayor and the youngest to ever be elected in its history are impressive. Under her watch, Davao became the eighth richest city in the country in 2020.


I am certain that many will disagree with our point of view as a political party. That is to be expected, and that’s okay. We live in a democracy and elections provide us with the opportunity to choose the person we think is fit to lead our country. The vote that you are going to cast in May is a reflection of our diversity. But it is also a reflection of our unity as a people who believe in democracy and freedom.


Our votes are important no doubt. That is why we, at the Nacionalista Party, would like to urge all Filipinos to participate meaningfully in the coming elections and vote according to their conscience. But what happens after the elections is more important. After the political battles of this campaign, we need to be united for our country. We can continue to disagree and even criticize constructively but our main goal should be unity and prosperity for all. Despite our differences, we are one country, and our vote in May is crucial to the future of the country we all love.




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