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The President of the Countryside

Last December 12, we were fortunate to have as our guest of honor no less than President Rodrigo Duterte. The occasion was a simple one—the unveiling of The Tent at Vista Global South. This is the biggest tent venue south of Metro Manila with a maximum capacity of up to 5,000. It is big, beautiful, and modern. More importantly, it is located far away from the metro gridlock.


The Tent at Vista Global South is 10 minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and is accessible via the NAIAX and Cavitex from the north as well as Alabang Zapote Road and Bacoor Boulevard from the south.


I cannot thank the President enough for gracing the event. As one can imagine, the President has a very busy schedule so it made his presence doubly significant for us at the Villar Group of Company.


The event itself—and the venue we are launching—is very important for us. The Tent offers organizations and corporations an opportunity to circumvent traffic from the congested areas in the metro by bringing and staging their events at this new and strategic location.


Furthermore, it offers spacious parking space and proximity to notable landmarks such as Vista Mall Global South, Mella Hotel, Villar Sipag Center and Sanctuario de San Ezekiel Moreno. But no matter how grand the venue was, nothing compared to the presence of our president. I guess the President wanted to be there because in an important way what we are doing supports his own advocacy.


This project is our attempt to provide residents with quality options for personal or corporate events here in the south. This is our way of complimenting and complementing the policies of government to spread development to the south.


I have supported President Duterte since Day One. In fact, even when he was a first-term Congressman at the lower house and I was Speaker, I always liked him as a person and as a public servant.


When President Duterte took office he promised to implement a lot of changes. And he fulfilled them. He launched an anti-illegal drug campaign that has made our people feel safer in their communities. He has seriously pursued an anti-corruption campaign that has resulted in the firing of even his closest allies. He has pursued a foreign policy that asserted our identity and sovereignty as a people.


I have heard a lot of people criticizing the President for talking in a way that is “unpresidential”. I disagree. President Duterte speaks in a clear and direct manner, and that is what the people need. That is the reason why the people understand and trust him.


The President has also pursued a policy of developing the countryside. Many major infrastructure developments are designed to develop areas outside of Metro Manila. We at the Vista group of companies fully support this development strategy. We believe that as Metro Manila becomes more congested and as millennial families grow, they would begin to look for bigger homes outside the hustle and bustle of central business districts.


Our future expansion across various businesses are pointed towards the countryside. We want to provide Filipino families, especially young families, with the option to buy cheaper but bigger and quality homes outside of Metro Manila or in the provinces with better-than-usual amenities so they can enjoy family life without the noise and tension of urban life.


We want Filipino families to have the opportunity to have a better life and a brighter future. And with sustained economic growth under the administration of President Duterte, I believe that dream is within reach.